Austin Instrument Repair

-- Professional Repair & Restoration of Guitars, Basses, Banjos and Accordions

Located in south Austin. See Map and One-Click Directions below

Expert Repair, Restoration, and Setups for all guitars, basses, banjos, and accordions. Quick turnaround. Commercial south Austin location.

Stringed Instruments

Professional setups, refretting, fret leveling, neck break repairs, neck adjustments, neck resets, structural repairs, scratch repairs, and finish repairs. Service for acoustic and electric instruments. Insurance cases welcome.

Also installations and rewiring of pickups, humbuckers, switches, capacitors, and other electronic parts. Cavity shielding, hum reduction, and electronics diagnoses. Highest-quality parts and materials used.

Expert advice on vintage guitar restoration. Experience with all brands of guitar.


Austin Instrument Repair--Accordion Repair: My website for accordion repair

Contact Information

For information, please contact me by phone at 512-228-4074, or by email at

Top-quality service in south Austin.

Richard Fry,
Austin Instrument Repair
6301 Manchaca Rd., Suite E (Pull into driveway, and drive past Westbank String Shop. I'm in Suite E, in the corner)
Austin, TX 78745
Phone: 512-228-4074


Mon 11am - 6pm
Tue 11am - 6pm
Wed 11am - 2:00pm
Thu 11am - 6pm
Fri Closed
Sat Open, call for appointment
Sun Open, call for appointment
(You may call in advance in case I am helping a customer on the road or in the studio)

Map and One-Click Directions to Austin Instrument Repair

Sign on Manchaca Road


Strat Before Restoration

Strat After Restoration

Accordion in Working Order

Guitars Waiting to be Set Up

Gold Humbucker Under Examination

Accordion Reedblock During Tuning, the Tuning Table allows single reeds to be sounded outside the accordion

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